The sky over Prospect Park is Very Quiet right now

and staying about the same.

Looking for a quiet moment in Prospect Park? This page provides live data on how many planes are flying low over the park. Depending on weather conditions, low-flying planes cross the park as frequently as every 90 seconds.

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Data as of Jul 15 2024 at 1:34AM

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Where does the data come from?

An ADS-B receiver near the park captures transmissions directly from nearby aircraft.

Can I get this for my own area?

The site is built to support other locations, if you'd like to set up a page for your local park, beach, or other public space, you can get in touch at Custom set up and data for commercial use is also available.

Does the count include helicopters?


What can be done about urban airplane noise?

Noise from low-flying airplanes impacts a lot more than people enjoying the park: many people in NYC, and millions around the world live in homes exposed to "significant" airplane noise, which can have serious health impacts above and beyond simple annoyance. For more information, or to get involved, see:

FAA Noise Concerns
Quiet Communities
Stop The Chop NY/NJ